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November 2020

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”    Ecclesiastes 3:1

Dear Friends,

This is definitely a time of change. There is so much to tell you since we last wrote. First, thank you for your overwhelming response to our Capital Campaign to create Her Place, a new women’s shelter in Rock Hill. To date we have received just over $200,000 which has enabled us to pay cash for the property with a little left over. Now we are extending this campaign throughout 2021 in order to fund the renovations. It seems banks do not want to lend money to non-profits, but the flipside of this is that we will open our shelter debt free because of the generosity of hundreds of people.

We have encountered a delay in closing on the property due to some issues with the seller. We are confident we will be able to resolve these matters soon. Our intention is to be up and running in late 2021. Please pray that we can meet our goal.

Several times in the past few weeks Sue has encountered homeless women with no place to sleep. It is heartbreaking to know how close we are to having this new shelter and yet, she’s had to say, “I’m sorry, there is no place for you to go in Rock Hill.”

While Sue has been involved with the creation of all that will go into running Her Place, Pete has been slowly moving his women and children out of their sheds and into better lives. If you read “Pete’s Corner” on our website: or our Facebook page: “Truck of Love Ministries”, you have read about several families who have reconnected with parents or siblings and gone home to live and start new lives. There is one family who went to live and work on a horse ranch and one who went to live and work on a cattle ranch. In each case the women had the courage to reach out, overcome the fear of rejection and accept that they could move on to a better life for themselves and their children.

Pete was left with three families. One mother with two teenage children has moved into the home of their landlady, Mrs. D, who was renting them their shed. She likes the family, the teens are very sweet and helpful, and she is getting older and is unable to complete simple household chores. Now this mother and her children live in the house and cook and clean for Mrs. D. In return Mrs. D provides room and board and a small stipend.

The last two families are comprised of two mothers with five teenage children. As of this writing all five of them have gotten local jobs where they can ride the bikes Pete has procured for them. One is working at the QT gas station, one at the local convenience store, one at the local metal recycling business, one at McDonald’s and one at Arby’s. As soon as they save enough money they will be moving into a friend’s mobile home. Each family will pay $150 per month rent and they will share the household expenses from their earnings.

Four years ago when Pete began to work with this group, there were twenty-one families, forty-eight individuals. Every mother was living in fear of an abusive husband finding her and her children. We’ve watched them gradually come to trust Pete and each other. We’ve seen the children grow older and more aware. Truck of Love has made their impossible lives a little more bearable with roof repairs to keep out the rain, kerosene heaters in the cold weather, camp stoves, porta-pottys and tarps for makeshift outhouses, and most important: food. We feel pretty good that we have provided the best nutrition possible with fresh fruits and vegetables, day-old whole grain bread, meat, milk, and eggs. These women and children began to feel better with adequate nutrition and the children have grown into healthy kids.

When the pandemic started Pete got everyone masks and hand sanitizer and cautioned each person about wearing masks, social distancing, and keeping their hands clean. As of today, not one of them has gotten Covid and with these new practices they also have not had the regular colds and flu that would occur from time to time.

So in 2021 we are starting a new season for Truck of Love. Our primary work will be with Her Place. We have made the commitment to purchase, renovate, and maintain this property where Her Place can operate. We will be able to house up to fifteen women at a time. We will provide a place of peace and healing where these women and all who will follow them can re-evaluate their lives and form new patterns of thinking and behavior that will enable them to break the cycle of homelessness they have endured.

We look forward to our new purpose. This is an exciting time. We thank you for accompanying us on this journey. You are making a difference in people’s lives. Whenever they thank us for a meal, or clothes, or a room we always tell them that there are a lot of people who make this possible. We are only the instruments of your generosity.

God Bless You,


Help us continue our journey toward the completion of Her Place.
We need at least $200,000 for renovations.
We have a general contractor who is working with us and will use as many recycled windows, doors, sinks, cupboards, and furnishings as possible.
These buildings need new electrical wiring, new plumbing, new heating and air conditioning, new water heater, new flooring, all new bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and a sprinkler system for fire suppression.
We will use as much volunteer help as possible for demolition and other jobs. Every dollar will be well spent.

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